Coffee Host’s Responsibilities

Before Church

  • Arrive around 9:30-40 – double check that everything is set up correctly per the posted checklist. (Nursery Assistants take care of all set up.)  Feel free to put out additional cookies if you think there’s not enough or as they are eaten.
  • Rinse hot pots with hot water to warm up and then fill with the regular coffee from the small coffee brewers. Place on coffee cart.
  • That’s all the setup you have to do!


During Last Song

  • Leave the service 5 minutes early and move the coffee cart across the narthex
  • Get out the creamers and apple juice from refrigerator
  • Start pouring coffee into coffee cups and juice in juice glasses


Greet and Have Fun

  • Greet people as they come for coffee and cookies–just keep things flowing
  • As dirty cups/glasses accumulate, turn on the dishwasher according to instructions and start running through the dishwasher (some training will be given so don’t worry)
  • As dishes come out of the dishwasher, let them drain a bit and put away


Clean Up

  • Wipe down counter and tables
  • Empty the tea water pot and unplug
  • Empty small coffee carafes, dispose of grounds in trash; unplug and leave coffee baskets ajar to let them dry out
  • Empty large coffee pot, dispose of grounds in trash, rinse pot and parts; unplug and leave lid ajar to dry out
  • Turn off dishwasher and pull drain; wipe down stainless steel area
  • Consolidate the trash into the big black bag and take to the fenced garbage area.
  • If we have had cake and the carpet is messy, run the little vacuum over those crumbs
  • Leave your used dish towels – They will be picked up, washed and returned
  • Pull down door at the kitchen counter
  • Turn off light