Dinner Fellowship Groups

John Bell, a Presbyterian leader from Scotland, once described flying in to California to consult with the church. The first night he was there he met with the Session, the governing body of the church. He was sitting next to a man and figured out pretty quickly that because he had missed months and months of meetings no one there really knew the guy. Well after talking to him it turns out the man had missed all those meetings because he was a weapons inspector for the United Nations and had been in Iraq right before the second Gulf War. This man had one of the most interesting stories at the table, but no one there had a clue. John Bell believes this happens all the time in our congregations— we sit next to some of the most fascinating people in the world, but we often know their name and little else about them. All too often we aren’t, as he puts it in his Scottish brogue, “a joined up body.” Our dinner fellowship groups are the way we’re becoming a more joined up body.

The purpose of the Fellowship Dinners program is to have fun and to encourage and expand fellowship among members of our church family. Groups of 7 to 9 adults share Fellowship Dinners once a month for four months, and then the groups are re-shuffled to form another set of Fellowship Dinner groups.