How We Think About Mission

What is mission? Mission means caring. Mission means serving. One of the hallmarks of Presbyterian mission is that doing good news is just as important as preaching the good news. We believe a belly has to be full for the ears to be open. To that end Presbyterians don’t make people listen to a sermon in order to be cared for- we tend people’s most basic needs and when asked, we are happy to say we’re doing it because Christ calls us to love.


Where do we do mission? Mission comes from the Latin word missio, which means ‘to be sent’. People used to believe they had to go a long distances from home to “do mission”. And to be sure, many people are called to travel around the nation and world to help those in need. But we certainly don’t believe you have to go far. Our mission field is anywhere we are once we leave the church.
Our individual members volunteer at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility, give their time to CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) caring for children in the court system, they remove gang tattoos to give young adults a second chance, they offer free dental cleaning to those without access to basic healthcare, and the list goes on – every act one of mission and care.

We believe every member is called to be a missionary ‘guerilla of grace’, living out Christ’s call to feed the hungry, visit the sick and imprisoned, and offer the “cold cup of water”. Tell us what you’re up to in your community – we’d love to hear about it.