Adult Edge


Most Sunday morning 8:45 a fascinating collection of people gather down stairs at  TPC. Some are lifelong Presbyterians. Some come from other mainline denominations. Some come from evangelical and fundamentalist backgrounds. And some come from absolutely no faith tradition whatsoever. What binds these people together is a shared love of learning and an agreement to maintain a safe atmosphere where laughter is heard often, where hard topics are explored, and where everything is questioned except your intelligence.


The topics for this class  vary and are chosen by those who attend. Past topics have included straightforward Bible study focusing on single books, thematic studies like “Uppity Women of the Bible,” theological studies such as a pastor class “Ten Theologians Everyone Should Know,” and cutting edge topics such as non-canonical Gospels like the Gospel of Judas or the Gospel of Thomas.

Childcare is provided for this class—it’s a great way to meet interesting people, hear new ideas, and prepare for worship.