LOGOS For Youth

Logos is the Greek term for ‘word’, and it refers not only to the words we write and say, but also to the Living Word, Jesus Christ. And LOGOS is a time for our young people to engage both in study as well as in play, fellowship, and worship where they experience Christ in personal ways.
LOGOS for youth
LOGOS occurs the second and fourth Sundays during the school year and is open to young people from third grade through high school. At 5:00 the kids arrive and begin game time. At 5:30, they switch gears for a lesson. At 6:00 everyone gathers for an intergenerational meal hosted by other adult volunteers in the church, and at 6:30 everyone is welcome to a casual, contemplative worship service led by our pastor as well as our youth. Communion is celebrated at this service, and everyone is welcome to participate.

We just don’t believe you have to choose between having fun and learning: we know we can do both. We’ve seen it happen.