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Staff - We believe every member of Tualatin Presbyterian Church is a minister, however we look to a few special folks for unique leadership and care.  Our church staff includes an administrative professional, two music directors, a youth and children's worker, and minister of word and sacrament.
Session - One of the fantastic things about being Presbyterian is that the minister doesn't run the church.  The session, a group of men and women nominated and ordained by the congregation and called by God, is responsible for the spiritual and administrative life of the congregation.  While in our tradition we certainly look to a pastor for guidance in matters of faith and vision- our session actually makes the decisions about how our church moves forward.
Deacons - Like the session, our board of deacons is made of up of men and women nominated and ordained by the congregation who are following God's call.  The word deacon stems from the Greek term diaconos, and it means to serve.  While the session is responsible for making the decisions of the congregation, our deacons are responsible for the pastoral care and spiritual nurture of the congregation.  
9230 SW Siletz Dr. 
Tualatin, OR 97062
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